Executive Coaching

“Success is the continuous achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance, and purified by belief.”

coachingDo you feel successful, but not quite fully satisfied? Are you determining your goals and what’s important to you? Have you ever struggled with work and life balance? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, now may be the time to take control of your destiny by hiring a coach. A coach is a professional who works with individual clients to help them achieve results and sustain life-changing behavior in their lives and careers. Coaches address the whole person—with an emphasis on uncovering blind spots and producing right action that leads to more fulfillment, more balance, and more effective processes for living. Personal coaching is the single best way to reach your personal and professional goals.

  If in one month, you could begin to gain crystal clarity as to where you are; what your true talents really are; how you could make better decisions; a simple professional and personal action plan reinforced with a proven goal setting and achievement process, would you be willing to invest 2 - 4 hours to gain that clarity? Consider this premise: “We believe what we receive.” If you believe this premise to be true, then to change results begins with our beliefs. Those beliefs generate our actions or behaviors that create either intended results that release our potential or unintended results that restrict our potential.
The What Executive coaching is all about results. What results do you want or should you expect provided you are committed to the process?
  • Improve clarity, direction and focus
  • Increased personal growth
  • Increased business growth
  • Greater personal and professional balance
  • Two to five year action plan
The How Our initial executive coaching process is based upon 2-4 hours a month. All engagements are month to month with the following deliverables during the first 4 months
  • 1/2 - 1 hour weekly sessions
  • A proven goal setting and goal achievement tool / worksheet
  • Executive summaries after each coaching session that capture the highlights of the session along with actions to be taken by the next session
  • Emergency phone calls
  • Unlimited emails
The Where Telephone or Skype from 730am to 830am EST USA with flexibility to change The Why The reason for executive coaching is to overcome obstacles that prohibit forward progression. These challenges include:
  • Inconsistent Results
  • Ineffective communication
  • Lack of sustainability (repetitive challenges)
  • Reactive behaviors inculding decision making
  • Time management
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